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Campus Outreach is sustained by partnerships with thousands of individuals and organizations.

It is through the faithful giving of these individuals, churches, alumni, businesses and foundations that Campus Outreach is able to reach college students with the gospel. We are grateful for those of you who have partnered with Campus Outreach Baton Rouge to accomplish our mission. This work could not be done without you! If you are interested in supporting one of our staff, please visit one of the links below.

3 Ways to Give

Click Any Button to Begin

1) Bank Draft/ACH (Online)

To help you save time and money we offer the option to use a Online Bank Draft/ACH. Many supporters find this method cost efficient and helpful since they don't have to remember to send in their gift each month. The processing fee per transaction is 1% +$0.30.

Click the "Set Up Online Giving" button below to give.

2) Credit & Debit Cards (Online)

This option is quite popular these days because of its convenience. Though please note there is a 3-4% transaction processing fee depending on the type of credit/debit card you have.  Many choose this option so they don't have to remember to send in their gift each month. Click the "Set Up Online Giving" button below to give.

3) Check by Mail (Manual)

If giving monthly, this option involves sending your check in each month. Click on the button below to see more details.  

Need to access your giving account?
Use this button below to update giving amount, giving frequency, or your contact info:

1) Sign in using the email address you used to begin giving. 

2) If you forgot your email, please reach out email or call us at this number during business hours.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Monthly Giving Statements

  • How do I change the way I receive my statements (by mail or email)? 

Simply contact us directly or complete this short form to change how you receive your statements. Please allow up to 30 days for your statement type to be changed. 


  • When will I receive my statement?

Around the 10th – 15th of each month you’ll receive a statement which shows how much you have given to Campus Outreach that month. 





Giving Questions

  • Who do I make my checks out to? 

Please make all checks out to Campus Outreach. Our address can be found below.



  • How much of my gift goes to the person or event I specify? 

100% of your contributions go to the staff person or fund you specify. Administrative costs are raised and provided through other sources.




Tax Questions

  • Is Campus Outreach a non-profit organization? 

Yes, Campus Outreach is registered as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization under Christ Covenant Church in Baton Rouge. All gifts given to Campus Outreach are tax deductible.



  • When will I receive my tax statement? 

End-of-year financial statements are mailed around the 15th of January, which include details of how much you contributed during the previous calendar year (January – December).


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