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Campus Outreach exists to glorify God by building laborers on the college campus for the lost world.

John Piper

Founder of Desiring God Ministries

"I love Campus Outreach. It is radically God-centered and radically in love with college students who need Christ. It is a growing global movement that I support with joy. To see the Christ-exalting fruit that comes in the conversion and spiritual growth of students through the work of Campus Outreach is deeply satisfying."

Matt Chandler

President of Acts 29 Church Planting Network

Lead Pastor of The Village Church

"I have been profoundly challenged and encouraged by the ministry of Campus Outreach at The Village Church. Challenged in my own evangelism & discipleship efforts, and encouraged at seeing many come to Christ through the ministry."

Bradley Aucoin

Senior Pastor at Christ Covenant Church

"Campus Outreach is a unique ministry on the college campus because they not only love students and the gospel, but also Christ's church.  And it's this combination of passionate evangelism, Biblical discipleship, and love for students and the church that helps Campus Outreach make disciples who walk with God beyond simply their four years of college."

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